Friday, December 11, 2009

How To: Create a Neat Presentation

A user presentation is a way of expressing yourself and telling everybody who you are and what are your interests. Interesting presentations are nice to read, and let's face it, nobody likes those spammy, one-hundred-colors presentation. Does anybody really want to read a story about true love? Or a tree drawing? No, they do not.

So, how to create a good, neat presentation? Follow these steps:

1. Choose no more than 3 colors, which compliment each other and are easy to read.
2. Choose no more than two fonts and only one size. Different sizes and lots of fonts make the presentation messy and chaotic.
3. First, introduce yourself, your hobbies, and interests. Or, you can start with a quote which you feel identified with.
4. Want to show some of your outfits or saved dolls? Remember, more than 3 dolls is just too much.
5. Have a wishlist? You can create it on Paint and then add it to an image hosting system like TinyPic. Then, paste the link on your presentation!
6. Have a blog? Don't spam your entire presentation with it, you will look desperate. Just mention it once or twice.
7. You can divide your presentation in different subjects: "About Me", "Interests", "Favorite Things", "My Outfits", "My Wishlist", etc.

Remember: your goal is a clean, neat presentation! Add some color to it, and you're done! And please avoid:

1. Boring quotes EVERY girl has in their presentation. How many times have you seen "Fashion fades, but style is eternal"? Overdone!
2. Drawings, too much icons, etc.
3. Those boring stories about "girls are like apples in a tree" or "my friends and I aren't like barbie", "I have an Obsessive Cullen Disorder" etc. etc.
4. As said before, too much color, different font sizes etc.
5. Spam. Everybody simply HATES those huge "Sale!", "Vote me CoverGirl!", "Visit My Blog!" stuff.

I hope this helped!


  1. My nickname is Galaxina, I would like you to post something on how to make presentations in black background, I mean I know you have tow highlight words in black but it won't be as nice as others so please Stardoll Help make a post on black backgrounds

  2. Hi,
    can you please have a post on how to manage your club well and also on how to get ppl to join your club.

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