Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Block Stardoll Ads

Today, Stardoll is full with advertising everywhere: at the start page, at your friends list, at the dolls & games section, etc.

I really dislike this, since some ads are inappropriate for young children, some might infest your computer with malware, or some might ask you for personal information (remember, never reveal personal info!). So, how to avoid this ads?

There are different ways to do so, and it depends of the browser you have. Here we'll find a solution for 3 kinds of browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer: to avoid ads on this browser, you don't need to download anything: simply browse with the InPrivate Filter, which can be enabled by pressing CTRL(or Control)+SHIFT+F. To read more about the InPrivate Filter, click here.

Mozilla Firefox: to block ads here, you'll need to install a Firefox Add-on called AdBlock Plus. Don't worry: it doesn't have any virus and it's reccomended by the Firefox team. Download it clicking here.

Google Chrome: you will need to install Chrome Extensions to avoid ads. I reccomend AdThwart and AdBlock, they're the most used and most popular Ad Blocking Extensions. Download AdThwart clicking here and AdBlock clicking here. Again, they're safe.

Using another browser? Comment telling us and we'll find an Ad-Blocking feature for it!

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