Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to have Great StarBazaar Sales

Do you want to get rid of items or clothes that are cluttering your suite? Or maybe you want to get extra Stardollars? Or just sell stuff that you don't really use anymore?

That's when Starbazaar comes in handy - you get rid of stuff you don't want, you get extra money and somebody else gets a cute top or a nice chair. However, it's not that easy to get great StarBazaar sales, so, how can you have a good one? Follow this steps and you're on the road to more Stardollars and a neaty suite!

1. Go to your StarBazaar page. See what you don't need or don't use anymore, or what do you think is worth selling. Write everything down on Word or a piece of paper.

2. Now, go to the StarPlaza's Starbazaar page. With the search function, find the items you want to sell and see what the normal selling price is. Try to sell that item at the same price it is normally sold at the StarBazaar, or even lower! (everybody loves a bargain, trust me!)

3. Now, go back to your StarBazaar and sell your items with the price you think it's appropiate.

4. Now, advertise your sale!

- On your presentation, write "Sale!" in red. Do not make it too flashy, though.

- Try to show some sale items in your Suite, or maybe wear them! Try to make a nice, stylish outfit, not throwing randomly all your sale items together. If you have a nice outfit with your sale clothes, people will see that the items you're selling are wearable and worth the money.

- With your $5 from Play&Earn, broadcast advertising your sale! Try to broadcast when there's a lot of people at Stardoll. If on the broadcast page there's a big queue of broadcasts, it means that a lot of people are logged on Stardoll.

- Send your friends dollmails about your sale. Write polite messages, not overannoyingly ones:

Polite Advertising Message:
"Hi! How are you? We haven't spoken in a long time!
Anyways, I have a sale! I'm selling __________, ____________, __________ for a cheap price and it'd be really nice if you could buy something. Thanks!
xx, [your username]!

Annoying Advertising Message:

That's it! Good luck with your sale! Here are some more tips:

Tip #1: Always try to sell at cheap prices. Everyone loves a bargain, and everyone hates when something is overpriced!

Tip #2: Sometimes leaving nice messages in random guestbooks help:
"Hey, I love your outfit/medoll/suite! You're so stylish!
By the way, I have a sale! It has stylish and trendy stuff for cheap prices! I'd love if you checked it out! Thanks!"

Tip #3: Don't try to sell items you really like... I once sold my November 2006 HotBuys Ugg Boots for.. $21! I was crazy!

Hope this helps!

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