Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to: Clubs

So, you've created a club and want tips on how to make it popular? We've got you covered! Read the tips below and your club is set for success.

Your Club's Name

Tip #1: Try to make an easy club name. For example, if you're making a club about Demi Lovato, AVOID naming it like this: .demi..lovato..., DeMirOcKS, demyilovahto. It's too confusing, and if you misspell Demi's name and have other gramatical mistakes, people won't want to join.

Tip #2: If the name you want is already taking, try adding numbers, uppercase letters (in a neat way!) underscores, dots, spaces, or extra letters or words. For example: the club name DemiLovato is taken. Then, try:
- Demi Lovato
- DEMILovato
- Demi.Lovato
- DemiLovato2
- DemiiLovatoo
- DemiLovatoRocks
- Demi_Lovato
and so on...
Avoid misspellings on a club's name, it just looks messy.

Tip #3: Play with words and numbers. For example:
- the name Tokio Hotel can be T0ki0 H0tel (the zero replaces the letter "o").
- The word "rocks" can be written as "rox"
- "Love" can be written as "Luv"
- "Girls" can be written as "Gals"
- "Boys" can be written as "Boyz"

Tip#3: If possible, try finding an unique name. If there are more than 50 clubs with a similar name: DemiLovatoRocks, try naming your club DemiLovatoRox or ILoveDemiLovato, which has a similar meaning. You can always find synonims at urbandictionary.com (go there if you're over 13 or if you have your parent's permission!)

Your Club's Category

Tip #1: Make sure your club is under the right category. If you have a club about, let's say, Paris Hilton, don't put it under the Animal Friends category! Try putting it into Celebs or What's hot and what's not. The following categories should be for:

- Celebs / Media: put it if you have a club about celebrities, gossip, or something celebrity-related such as TV Shows/Channels or Books.
- Looks: put it if you have a club about fashion, celebrity fashion, magazines, beauty, or style.
- What's hot and What's not: the most used category, I think it works with anything related to gossip, fashion, celebrities, Hollywood, TV, movies, music, etc. If you have a club that talks about a lot of stuff, this category is the best.
- Animal Friends: use it if your club is about animals, pets, animal rights (PETA, for example), fur on fashion, etc.
- I think... / My philosophy / Hearts and Tears: these three categories are better for clubs which are about helping others with their problems (i.e AskPaulinaGirls), personal opinions, etc.
- Other: self-explanatory.

Your Club's Picture

Tip #1: Follow Stardoll's picture guidelines: no gif pictures (moving pictures), no pictures showing violence, no pictures of yourself or people you know.

Tip#2: choose a picture that relates to your club. For example: if you have a Twilight club, put a Twilight or Edward Cullen picture, not a picture of a TV. If you change your picture afterwards, Stardoll will take a long while to approve it, so make sure you're choosing the picture you want!

Your Club's Presentation:

Tip#1: Your presentation is the one of the most important things in your club. Write about what your club is about, if you have any contests, the club's rules, the club's managers, etc. Make your presentation neat and easy to read: have up to 3 colors in it, and medium-sized letters.

Your Disscussion Forum & Top-Spot Topics:

Tip#1: Make your first top spot topic welcoming all new members into your club. Type some rules, but be nice!

Tip #2: Delete all the chain or spam topics everytime you spot one in your club's discussions. If less people can see spam, less people will spread spam.

Tip #3: Ban people that are violent or writing too much spam or innapropiate stuff.

How to make people join your club:

Tip #1: If you are superstar, broadcast daily about your club with your Play & Earn money!

Tip #2: If you are not superstar, talk about your friends about your club with a nice, polite and friendly letter like the following:
What's up?
I have a new club, [insert your club's name here[ and I'd love if you joined it! I'll join your clubs too!
xx, [insert your name here["
Avoid the following:
" I HAVE A NEW CLUB!!!!!!!!!! JOIN IT NOW!!! PLZZZZZZ!". It's just annoying!

Tip #2: Make contests about which member can join more people to the club, and offer a nice prize (becoming a manager, gifts, etc). Post a Top Spot Topic like this:
"Hey! We're having a contest! The member who invites the most people into the club will receive [prize here[. Make a topic with your name and "invited" (ie soovintage invited...) so the people who you invited can write that you invited. No fake accounts please!"

Slowly, your club will gain popularity.


... to update your club and make it active! People will start leaving if you don't!
... always be nice to your club's members.
... be 100% that you want to create your club. If you delete a club, you'll need to wait 7 days (for superstars) and 30 days (for non superstars) to make another one!

More Info:

The end! I hope this post helped!

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