Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tips: Save your Stardollars - for non-superstars

Okay, okay, so as we know, the 1 Stardollar per Day campaign has ended. While1 Stardollar per day doesn't seem like a lot to some people, for others it was a way to buy stuff. And now that it's gone, and the Play&Earn money doesn't last forever, how to keep buying clothes and furniture without spending all the money we have? Follow this tips!

1. Make a wishlist. Making a wishlist of all the items you want will keep you focused on buying what you really want and need, not a new piece from the StarPlaza that you'll never wear again.

1.1 If you have items in your wishlist that are too similar to the items you already have in your suite/MeDoll Editor, don't buy them - it's a waste of Stardollars!

2. Play Play&Earn everytime you log in - everytime you play and shop, you'll have one less item on your wishlist.

3. Try not to buy things that cost more than $5, so you'll only spend your temporary Play&Earn money instead of your Stardollars.

4. If you see a new item that you want, but you already spent your Play&Earn money that day, don't rush to buy it with your normal Stardollars - 99% of times, the next day the same item is there with the same price tag. (I've bought a lot of items thinking they'd be Superstar the next day, and almost all times I was wrong)

5. If you see an item from, let's say, DKNY, that is non-superstar but completely overpriced, think if you really need the dress. Are you buying it because you like it, or just for the sake of having a DKNY item? If you chose the second option, save your money for something else you really like. (Generally, Stardoll releases this items to make non-superstars buy the item without thinking about it)

6. Just because you see something that is cheap, doesn't mean you have to buy it. Sometimes, cheap is expensive in the long run: those $1 Basics flats are a bargain, but will you ever wear them?

7. If you really like an outfit you've seen on a user, try to find it for a cheaper price - the StarPlaza has a lot of similar clothing!

8. Do not waste money on some stuff from the Suite Shop - you can create a spare account and send it as a gift to your main account!
8.1 Check our post on spare accounts coming soon!

9. Avoid stores like Candie's or Abbey Dawn which, despite being non-Superstar, are very expensive! There are similar items on stores such as Pretty in Pink, Evil Panda, Folk and Fallen Angel! Also, Abbey Dawn and Mudd's jeans are far too expensive - for nice jeans, try the Stardoll Store.

10. The best bargain stores in the StarPlaza are:
- Basics: just like the name, they have basics in every color, and everything costs no more than $5.
- Stardoll Store: they have a lot of clothes for a reasonable price, and every Stardoll user's bound to find something they like there. They also have great $2 and $1 accesories, and jeans in every color!

This is it! I hope this post helped you save stardollars! And read above Stardollar tips for Superstars!

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